Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Second Nomination for the Free Trip to the Jewish Bloggers' Convention

I decided to make a second nomination (don't Jews do things by two - Moses to God: 'So, how much are those Tablets?' God - 'They're free' Moses - 'I'll take two then.')

Jewess aka Rebecca Honig Friedman.

Rebecca has broken new ground in asserting feminist Jewish issues - dealing with archival material, up-to-date cultural and religious issues, promoting the Lower East Side (a plus with me for sure), and moved up to TJC - The Jewish Channel, a new news medium of Jewish issues.

She has extended (I can't use broadened) the limits on serious Jewish communal and feminist discussions and would give a great angle to NBN reporting as well as attendance at the Conference.

1 comment:

yoni said...

why can't you use "broadened"? she sounds like a great broad.

i and others have issues with the term "jewess", however. her choice.