Thursday, August 27, 2009

Neve (rhymes with grieve) Gordon

From the LATimes letters-to-the-editor column:

Gordon has always been quixotic, anti-Israel, anti-Jewish and now, anti-common sense. Boycotting his own country is clearly an extreme and bizarre position for his bizarrely held views, and both are problematic for his neighbors and co-religionists.

Marion Dreyfus
Gordon concedes that "the Israel peace camp has gradually dwindled so that today it is almost nonexistent." In free and open democratic debate, Gordon and those who agree with him have failed to convince the Israeli people that their proposals will bring peace and an end to the almost 90-year war by the Arabs against the Jews in Palestine. There is no logical necessity to assume that Gordon is sincere simply because he lives in Israel with his family. But assuming he is sincere, there is absolutely no reason to believe he possesses godlike infallibility.

Herbert Roth
Indian Wells

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