Monday, August 24, 2009

This Is Not Muhammed

I don't want to be accused of hate crimes, so, this is not Muhammad:

It could have been Arthur Lawton from Tacoma.

Or Stephen Hall outside Hull.

Or Mr Tombe of Hai Malakal, Sudan.

By the way, the sacred goat of Mendes went the other way around, and with a female.

But this is as good a way to protest Yale University Press' decision as any (here and Martin Kramer)


yoni said...

i really, really didn't need to see that. thanks for the nightmares.

yoni said...

maybe it is mohammed. the man in the turban seems very modest, he keeps his genitals covered by burying them in a goat.

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys can't even see what's wrong with a very ageing "educated" man posting such...

Is this just the "curse" of th Jew showing up once again as it has so many times throuout history. Jesus you wonder in genuine outrage why you nice folk could so be hated by every single race that has ever graced the Earth.......honestly, well onto the next "scattering" eh?