Sunday, August 30, 2009

But It's Just A Cartoon, You Say?

Found here:

Now, you know what I found funny about this?

An element of the drawer's biography:

Dave Granlund has been an editorial cartoonist, published in daily newspapers since 1977. Syndicated in 1978 with NEA-United Media, his work has appeared in over 700 newspapers; including the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and Christian Science Monitor, plus magazines such as Newsweek, and shown nationally on,, HBO, PBS, CNN and NBC’s Today Show...His pastimes and interests include history, astronomy, antique tractors and Swedish language studies.

You don't think he reads stories in Aftonbladet, do you?

Well, maybe. I guess it's not really funny when, with the money angle, he plays to the canard factor of Jews and US financing:


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Anonymous said...

sorry but irael takes in 3 billion for the Us every year