Monday, January 12, 2009

A Thought On Religious Extremism/Fanaticism

Some recent comment-leavers, most but not all anonymous, spew forth on the "Jewish" aspect of Zionism, as if Zionism was a unique element among national liberation movements.

Two quick observations from me:


If so, that is, that the Jewish religious component of Zionism somehow stains our morality and affects the human-value quotient of same (i.e., since we bow to God/Divinity, we feel ourselves superior), why is it that the most orthodox of Jews are in the main neutral, or anti-Zionism, and have never themseves engaged, except for a few exceptions easily explained, in sustained anti-Arab violence?

On the other hand, the most religious of our Pals. are sacrificing themselves, their children and their neighborhoods.


2. See this below:

In 1927-29, the Grand Mufti Of Jerusalem (did the Chief Rabbi of the Yishuv ever lead a pogrom against Arabs?) stirred up trouble over the Western Wall and on Rosh Hashana 1928 (September), managed to get the Jewish prayers disrupted.

For the next 9 months, until August 1929, the Mufti whipped up his mobs into a religious frenzy about Jews trying to take over the Temple Mount. He then published a claim that he had "proof", the Jews had a picture of the Dome of the Rock with an Israeli flag over it. Well, the scan above was the "proof".

Within a fortnight, 135 Jews were murdered, just over half in Hebron (almost all "religious Jews" who had not involved themselves in "political Zionism").

This was a photoshop precursor since that flag was added on. Just so they could kill Jews. Due to religious motivations.

Sound like today?


Anonymous said...

check out this talkback (#57) from this article:

ועדת הבחירות: בל"ד ורע"מ-תע"ל נפסלו,7340,L-3654846,00.html

You'll love this. Straight out of the passover Haggada.

ורבי יהודה היה נותן בהם סימנים...
BLOOD בל"ד
, בל"ד - באנגלית דם, כדם היהודים שנשפך לאחר כל פיגוע ותקיפת אזרחים

רע"מ - רעם הקסאמים, הגראדים וחגורות הנפץ בתוך ישראל

תע"ל - "תעל על המתקן גחון, יא חייל ציוני שנוהג על טנק"

ממש כמו עשרת המכות...מזל שהם לא הגיעו ל 10 מנדטים ולא סבלנו 10 חברי כנסת מהם

רבי עקיבא , בני ברק (12.01.09)

judi bola said...

The Jews had a picture of the Dome of the Rock with an Israeli flag over it. Well, the scan above was the "proof".
It means about the arognat of Israel, descent of monkeys and pigs.

YMedad said...

Judi, that flag was added on. It wasn't in the original. It was faked. Fake lot a lot of what you believe in. Too bad. But I won't call you a pig nor a monkey.