Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Beg To Differ From Israel's NY Consul General

From the Consul's letter in today's NYTimes:

The government and people of Israel recognize the right of the Palestinian people to establish their own state living peacefully side by side with Israel. We refuse, however, to allow a Palestinian state to come into being at the expense of our homeland, the State of Israel.

Asaf Shariv
Consul General of Israel
New York

a. Is there a "Palestinian people" or Arabs who reside in a territory that some call "Palestine" (and exactly what are the boundaries of that "Palestine"?) and others the "Holy Land/Terra Sancta" and others, "Eretz-Yisrael/The Land of Israel" and what the League of Nations referred to as "the reconstituted Jewish national home".

b. Is it to be "side by side" or alongside or on both sides - and what are the implications of same?

c. Is it to be a "state" or another form of political existence, such as autonomy?

d. Is "expense" an immediate concern or a future one?

More later.


Suzanne Pomeranz said...

And if they really want to be "side by side" in their own political entity without any Jews nearby, they can always move to Jordan... even better, they can move to Iraq and build it up (that was Herbert Hoover's idea).

g said...

Medad, you guys getting more and more greedy day by day, you better stop and compromise, or you loose it all.

Suzanne, why don't you move wherever you came from? and Medad will move back to US! Problem solved!