Friday, January 23, 2009

Penn's Regimen Impens

This is real academic cowardice -

Gaza conflict puts Israel study abroad on hold
Students must take leave of absence to study abroad in Israel and West Bank this semester

In response to intensified conflict in the Gaza Strip, the University announced last week that it will not permit students to study abroad in Israel and the West Bank through Penn-approved exchanges this semester.

Ten Penn students planned to study in Israel or Palestine [there is no "Palestine"] this semester. Those who still want to study abroad must withdraw from Penn and enroll in the destination university, although officials say they do not encourage this option.

Director of Study Abroad Geoffrey Gee said the decision is based on the "Israeli military action in the Gaza strip and the potential for escalating conflict" and current U.S. State Department travel warnings.

Hey, the operation over guys.



(Kippah tip: RH)

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