Saturday, January 24, 2009

One More on Disproportionality

What “war crimes” is Israel alleged to have committed? One that we hear a great deal about is the supposed lack of proportionality in its war-making. But there is no requirement in international law that one nation’s casualties be equivalent to those of its enemies. If there were, the U.S. would surely have been guilty of war crimes in World War II when its armed forces killed hundreds of thousands of Japanese following the Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor, which killed “only” 2,413 Americans.

Max Boot

(on Boot)


galia said...

1300:13=100:1! Proportional???????????
And since when does Israel care what the international laws say?

Anonymous said...

I think galia missed the whole point. Proportionality has nothing to do with it. In any event, Israel stopped too soon - Hamas was left alive to attack another day. They will rue that decision.

galia said...

What does proportionality has to do with gmccal, in your opinion?