Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Photos From The 6th Jerusalem Conference

The Jerusalem Conference opened last night.

We heard from Moshe (Bogie) Yaalon, Yedidyah Atlas, MKs Pines-Pza, Gilad Ardan and candidates Tzipi Hotobeli, Yaakov (Katzeleh) Katz and others.

Some of the scenes:

The podium:

The Rabbanit Shulamith Melamed (r.):

Baruch Gordon (l.):


Bobby Brown (r.) with Guma Aguiar (l.), sponsor of the Conference (and formerly, co-founder of Leor Energy LP, which was formed in 2003 as an East Texas/Deep Bossier wildcatter and sold in November to EnCana Corp.)

Yedidyah and Batya Atlas:

IBA's Steve Leibowitz (r.) and Ruthie Blum of the Jerusalem Post:

Ruthie Lieberman of Jaffe Strategies and her uncle, Prof. Eliezer Jaffe:

Shani Simkovitz from Gush Etzion (r.) and Ari Abramowitz:

My wife, Batya, and Rabbi Chaim Wasserman:

Ruchie Avital, silmultaneous translator extraordinaire:


muse said...

Wow, so you posted the picture of me and Rabbi Wasserman. Thinking back, outside of my Cousin Harriet, there's nobody in Israel (to my knowledge) whom I've known longer than Rabbi Wasserman, who was my NCSY Regional Director and Ass't Nat'l Director. I think I knew him before I met Josh Freilich.

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