Tuesday, January 27, 2009

That Farmer

LATimes reports:

The Israeli army reported that an "explosive device" was detonated Tuesday morning around 9 am, targeting an Israeli patrol along the border fence. One "non-commissioned officer" was killed and a second officer "seriously wounded," an army spokeswoman said. A third soldier was lightly wounded.

Israel immediately responded with tank fire and helicopter strikes, area residents say. One local farmer was reported killed, according to local medical sources.

That farmer, he wouldn't have been a "militant", would he?


g said...

Why? You never killed civilians before?

YMedad said...

No, actually I haven't. I myself, however, have been stoned many times. My eldest daughter had a grenade explode just outside the bus she was travelling in. My third daughter had to have a piece of glass removed from near her eye when a stone broke the bus window next to her. There are some dozen graves in Shiloh of teenagers and youngsters killed by Arabs, one was 5 months old when the rock crushed his skull and another was 17 when he was caught on his highschool basketball court and had a dozen bullets pumped into his back. And a few adults as well and that's just in Shiloh of 250 families but let's not belabor the point, shall we Galia?

g said...

By you i mean Israel.

I am sorry for all that happened to you and your family. Why don't you move to safe place, you live illegally there anyways right? Bring them to America, they'll be safe here.

YMedad said...

Don't be sorry and don't justify immoral, illegal violence (terrorism disguised as resistance). Only in Israel is a place where a Jew can never be told he is living illegally.

g said...

Why such exception? Everyone should abide by laws!