Friday, January 23, 2009

Red Hot in Ramallah

The Daily Mail brings us this delightful Ramallah street scene:

But the headline of the story reads:

In the smart West Bank health club, between jogging and swimming laps, people were screaming 'Death to Israel ...'

And includes this incident of peaceful coexistence:

On the West Bank, an urbane and tolerant Palestinian woman told me that when she went to a Jewish friend's wedding in Jerusalem she was so worried about her teenage children's reaction that she hid her outfit from them and got changed at the reception.

But when she returned home, her children guessed where she had been and her son spat: 'I hope you didn't go to that Jewish b******'s wedding.'

and another:

A woman described what happened when the news reached her smart, expensive health club in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

'It just electrified the place. In between jogging and swimming laps, people were screaming "Death to Israel!"' she said.

Health clubs in Ramallah and Arabs in Gaza need humanitarian aid?

Why don't they just vote Fatah instead of Hamas?

P.S. Which is a more dangerous "red": her dress or their berets?


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sildenafil said...

In this country is very uncommon see a beautiful girl wearing a red hot dress, what was the police thinking? I do not want tell you.

From Spain said...

Dear sage man: possibly if you didn't stealed their palestinian land, these comments you pay attention, never had produced.

Life is cheap in occupied West Bank?

How much subsidy your settlement receive?

How much did you pay for the land where your house had been built?

Who cared for the Wall, century after century, until the maghrebi quarter was demolished?

Be sage, man. Shure you can.

YMedad said...

Thank you, Spain. Of course, you are all wrong but you were wrong in Plaza Mayor in 1680, as well. This is our land.

And viva Catalan!

From Spain said...

I do not understand this childish-like attitude; you don't answered my comment (am I wrong, really?) and, thinking that the fact that i am writing you from spain, i am a supporter of some idea about spanish state that seems you have in mind.

Doesn't matter here, what happened in 1680 in P.M. or who made i don't know what. What matters, is what the state you support made in Gaza and makes everyday in occupied Palestine.

Tell me, as I asked you, how much did you pay for the land where your house is built.

This is what matters.

...And about Cataluña (this is its name, not "catalan", the language), yes: viva. Visca catalunya, la seva gent y la seva llengua (if you are interested in Catalunya and its relationship with the spanish state and the possible (un)parallel with the occupation of palestine, with pleasure, i can tell you so much.


YMedad said...

I did not purchase the land my house sits on. There is not that much land that can be purchased. I don't know if my Arab neighbors paid for their land either or just have it as a result of their conquest in 638 and occupation since then.

And we would not be in Judea & Samaria, nor earlier in gaza, if the Arabs had accepted the territorial compromise in 1948 or in 1937.

From Spain said...

thanks for your kind comment.

possibly what you call "arab neighbors" were the secular inhabitants of palestina converted to a religion that in 638 did not much differed with the judaism and cristianism they professed.

By the way, we can't ask for papers from VIIth century but we can ask unfortunately (for you?) for papers in XXth century: the british mandate did the work, and made a land property cadaster (in spanish "catastro") prior to 1948: You can access to it and you can know the name of the owner of the land where you built your house.

Please, tell me who.


p.d.:(The palestinian landlords sold about the 10% of the land to the immigrant jews, maybe your settlement in West Bank is part of this "bought land")

levitra cialis said...

The woman in the red dress looks so hot, she has a beautiful face and a great body.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea how the Israeli economy works with aid? Why do you think they request loans from the WB FOR the Palestinians? The more aid the Palestinians get, the better business for Israel. You're just an old creepy idiot, posting pictures of young women and then complaining about humanitarian aid when you know nothing. End the occupation, then humanitarian aid ends because the Palestinian economy won't be crippled by the occupation, and then Israel's economy crashes. You're such a douche.