Thursday, September 21, 2006

Violent Islam

THE former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey of Clifton has issued his own challenge to “violent” Islam...He made it clear that he believed the “clash of civilisations” endangering the world was not between Islamist extremists and the West, but with Islam as a whole.

“We are living in dangerous and potentially cataclysmic times,” he said. “There will be no significant material and economic progress [in Muslim communities] until the Muslim mind is allowed to challenge the status quo of Muslim conventions and even their most cherished shibboleths.”

...Arguing that Huntington’s thesis has some “validity”, Lord Carey quoted him as saying: “Islam’s borders are bloody and so are its innards. The fundamental problem for the West is not Islamic fundamentalism. It is Islam, a different civilisation whose people are convinced of the superiority of their culture and are obsessed with the inferiority of their power.”

Lord Carey went on to argue that a “deep-seated Westophobia” has developed in recent years in the Muslim world.

Lord Carey was delivering a lecture titled The Cross and the Crescent: The Clash of Faiths in an Age of Secularism, at Newbold College, Berkshire...He described the two civilisations as “polarised and uncomprehending” and said that the Danish cartoons controversy last March showed “two world views colliding in public space with no common point of reference”.

(Kippah tip: Melanie Phillips)

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LiquidLifeHacker said...

Islam can't handle all the scrutiny so they throw tantrums when anyone speaks the truth about their prophet or their fake religion which is disguised as a religion. What muslims need to learn is that the truth is not always pleasant, but that doesn't mean they gotta burn something or make threats when someone puts it out there! Their demands of appologies and such are nothing more than trying to make society succumb to their way of thinking and under all their mantra of "religion of peace" sits nothing more than a theocracy that commands everyone to bow down to Allah.

Lets pray for protection from this ideology!