Friday, September 22, 2006

And why not Duck Breast

Keeping Kosher With Duck Breast Schnitzel

Laura Frankel, the author of “Jewish Cooking for All Seasons” (John Wiley & Sons, $34.95), is the chef and an owner of Shallots, a kosher restaurant in Chicago that once had a Manhattan branch. Her new cookbook provides a modern chef’s approach not just to Jewish cooking, but to kosher cooking. And instead of traditional matzo ball soup, chopped liver and tsimmes, the recipes expand the repertory.

Parsnip and roasted garlic bisque, duck breast schnitzel with maple mashed sweet potatoes and braised chard, and a very good cocoa and canola oil devil’s-food cake with a pareve egg-based chocolate mousse filling, so it can be served with either meat or dairy, make this book worthwhile.

It's Rosh Hashana,!

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