Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dear Ilan Pappe

I know this is long but I just had to reprint it in its entirety.

To: Ilan Pappe (background in Hebrew) (in English see this, this and this)


The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem has informed me that you are committing slander against the holy state of Israel and its holy Jewish people and are engaged in other reactionary activities violating the terms of your Israeli citizenship.

A review by our investigations unit of the evidence submitted in your dossier clearly reveals that the views and opinions you are expressing in your writings, published by the enemies of Israel, are perverted and obscene. We have also taken note that you have prostituted yourself for many years as a stooge of the Arab terrorists, engaging in anti-Israel tirades for the sole purpose of demonizing the only Jewish state in the world so that it should be destroyed, Heaven forefend!

I want you to realize that your damaging behavior is unforgivable. Israel is a micro-state surrounded by 21 Arab countries dominated by a jihadist, imperialist culture. Along with the Palestinian Authority, these Arab regimes daily incite their oppressed populations to support their quest for the politicide of Israel. They have now been joined by the Persian Shi'ites of Iran and the Hezbollah Shi'ites of Lebanon in this goal.

Your active support of these Hitlerites is a result of your absorption of the nefarious neo-comm ideology which has hypnotized the bourgeois intellectual classes into supporting the Islamist fundamentalists in the Holy Land and their terrorist masters in Damascus and Tehran. This is utterly repulsive.

We have also found that you do not demonstrate any originality in your ludicrous assertions that the Arabs of the Land of Israel, who have conducted pogroms of extermination for three centuries against the indigenous Jews of the Holy Land, are victims rather than aggressors. You merely parrot the propaganda myths invented by the Arab League and recycled by the Palestinian Arab war criminals in Ramallah and Gaza.

Everyone knows that the homeland of the Arabs of Palestine is Arabia. In 638, they stole by force the Holy Land from the aboriginal Jews living there. In quick order, they installed the worst apartheid regime the world has ever known against Jews and Christians. Untold thousands of Jews were massacred in Safed, Tiberias, Hebron and Jerusalem over the centuries by these barbarians. Even Karl Marx reported on these events in the 1850s. The Turkish and Syrian archives are overflowing with details of these genocidal massacres committed by the fellaheen Arabs of Palestine.

Furthermore, the remaining Jewish survivors, especially in Nablus, Gaza and Tulkarem became the objects of a wholesale ethnic cleansing campaign until the Western Powers intervened on their behalf. Finally, in collusion with the British imperialists during World War I, the Arabs were allowed to steal 78 per cent of the Holy Land and rename it Jordan, leaving the Jews with 22 per cent. In their war of aggression in 1947-8, the Arabs sought 100 per cent of the Holy Land but were repulsed. However, their goal to this day remains 100 per cent.

In addition, the brutal Arabs of the Holy Land convinced their brethren in the nearly two dozen other Arab countries to massacre and ethnically cleanse their lands of Jewish inhabitants who lived there before the Arabs ever came on the scene -- nearly a million Jews were cruelly tortured and expelled from their homes. These refugees were never compensated and the right of return was denied to them. In light of the above, it is therefore concluded that the "facts" you adduce in your writings and presentations to justify the atrocities committed against the Jews of Israel are patently fictitious and malicious fabrications. You have also disgraced yourself in your distorted analysis of Israel's defensive war in Lebanon. You write that the Hezbollah Shi'ite imperialist aggressors are welcomed as a legitimate resistance movement by all Lebanese. Everyone knows that this stance is for consumption by the naive Western news media. Christian Lebanese are already preparing to bring Hezbollah terrorists to account for destroying their country. The Cedar Revolution ousted the Syrian occupiers who for 30 years imposed their jackboots on Free Lebanon and on Beirut, the Paris of the Levant, and it will do the same to the Hezbollah Shi'ites.

Who can forget their rampaging slaughter during the Lebanese civil war when they eviscerated Arab Christians and Druze, mutilated their bodies and

stuffed their testicles and breasts in their mouths? Thousands of Christian Arab corpses are buried in Tal al-Zatar in this foul condition.

The Palestine Arabs did the same to the defenceless Jewish Holocaust survivors in Israel during 1947-8, as Uri Avnery has so well documented.

Your denial of the genocidal intentions and covenants of the power-drunk Hamas fundamentalists and their PA henchmen is futile. The world can read the blood-soaked goals of these monsters in their published documents, which seek to slaughter every man, woman and child in Israel that has a Jewish name. There already is a Palestinian state in Jordan, where the majority of the population is Palestinian. The greedy, pathological Arabs in Gaza and Judea/Samaria are now pursuing a land grab for Israel itself.

Truly progressive forces the world over understand that the Palestinian Arabs are a key component of Islamic imperialism, which today is waging a global war to reconquer and recolonize the world it once occupied by the sword.

After Auschwitz and the numerous other concentration camps, no person on this earth is permitted to calumniate the holy Jewish people and their land with impunity. The holy Jewish people will never again be martyred by bestial fanatics wherever they may reside or whatever title they carry or whatever gender they proclaim.

Persons like you that willingly serve as running dogs for Arab terrorism cannot escape responsibility for such Hitlerite collaboration in today's world. Certainly, there is no denying the culpability of the Palestinian Arab masses in supporting the genocide of 200,000 African Blacks in Darfur, Sudan, controlled by like-minded Islamic Arab butchers.

On the basis of the above evidence, it is my solemn duty to inform you that our ecclesiastical court has issued an verdict inscribing you as a SLANDERER OF ZION and an ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

This means that our disciples are hereby empowered to facilitate your removal from your place of employment, to arrange for your exit from the Holy Land, and to have the European and American authorities declare you persona non grata. Your family, friends and colleagues will be notified of this indictment and paid advertisements will appear in the American, European and Middle East print media to this effect. A boycott of your publications will be undertaken in cooperation with library networks and sanctions will be imposed on all the publishing houses which currently, and in the future, disseminate your writings. Failure to abide by our ruling will lead to a shareholder divestment campaign against these publishers.

This sentence is a Category One certification, indicating the utmost severity of your actions. It is accompanied by the Old Testament verse found in Genesis 12:3 in which the Lord says of the Jews:

"I will bless those who bless you I will curse those that curse you All the nations of the world Shall be blessed through you.

May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Son of Mary, have mercy upon you."

You may wish to exercise your right to have this decree set aside. In such case, you are invited to submit an affidavit renouncing your calumnies against the holy Jewish state, circulating a statement of support for the victory of the holy Jewish people in the Holy Land against their enemies to all your affiliated organizations and publications, whether online or offline, and paying our court costs of $US 1675.

* His Eminence The Very Rev. Charles J.Edgbaston, D.D., Ph.D. Chair, Christians for Moses Inc. and Rector, Zion College of Canada Penticton,


* Author:

Christians and Jews Under Apartheid Policies in Arab Palestine The Arab Usurpation of the Holy Land Three Centuries of Arab Pogroms against Jews in Palestine Mufti: The Nazi Collaboration of the Palestine Arabs (forthcoming)

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Anonymous said...

I am of the opinion that his Eminence may be just a tid bit too extreme in his views. I respect his right to utter such views, but I do wonder if such extreme opinions will ultimately do much good toward the promotion of Christian and Jewish equity.