Friday, September 22, 2006

Civilians Again

No terrorists are ever killed by Israel.

"Militants", yes.

"Activists", yes.

"Gunmen", yes.

"Militiamen", yes.

And always, but always, "civilians".

Here's today's NYT report by Greg Myre:-

The Israeli military killed five Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on Thursday in what it said were operations directed against militants. But four of the dead were civilians, including three teenagers who were tending sheep, according to Palestinian medical workers.

In northern Gaza, Palestinian militants fired four rockets into southern Israel, causing damage to a college and a water pipe. Afterward, the military said Israeli soldiers spotted Palestinians retrieving the rocket launcher, and Israeli forces fired artillery rounds from the Israeli side of the border.

Three teenage Palestinians were killed, according to Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza, which described the three as sheepherders. They were identified as Zidan Abu Rashid, 16, Ala Abu Dahruj, 16, and Muhammad Masaleh, 15.

Palestinian militants frequently fire rockets and then flee, leaving the launcher behind because they fear a rapid Israeli response. The launchers are often retrieved later.

The Israeli military said it attacked the Palestinians because they were spotted handling the rocket launcher after it had been used to fire on Israel. But the military said it did not know whether those retrieving the launcher were the same ones who fired it earlier.

Okay, since this is standard Israeli military practice, why would the Pals. want to endanger themselves to retrieve the launchers?

Money? Quite possible.

Stupid bravado? Sure.

Trying to help the 'armed struggle' for the liberation of Palestine? No doubt.

Just plain being dumb? Maybe.

In any case, their deaths were not due to Israeli practice but to Pal. practice.

It's their choice - terror or negotiations (not that Israel would gain from any negotiations).

And maybe the world's press will relate more honestly to events in the war against terror?

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