Friday, September 15, 2006

Rice Goes Robust?

The Calgary Sun has a hot story:-

We let a body language expert review media surveillance evidence, to decide if U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Foreign Minister Peter MacKay have something personal to declare at the border.

And what our inspector uncovered is tensions between the two countries may have gone from political to sexual.

"Holy hormones, Batman," says Allan Pease, an Australian author and consultant, who's known to his clients -- including IBM, Sheraton, Esso, McDonald's and Barclays' Bank -- as 'Mr. Body Language'. "Here is clearly a love match, whether in progress or beginning. The good thing here ... is that her hormonal enthusiasm is reciprocal."

Watchers are cautiously alluding to chemistry between a bachelor, ranked in polls as one of Canada's sexiest MPs, and a single woman who happens to be one of the most powerful politicians on the planet.

And while others look for subtle signs, Pease says he sees raw, sexual energy. It's included in the way the two conservatives mirror one another's gestures.

"This is evident in every shot," he says. "(In one photo analyzed) they both show a facial cluster called 'restrained jubilation'. The tight-lipped smile, attempts to conceal the excitement each, particularly (she), feels."

Is this a robust story, or not?

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