Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gorenberg's Gore

Gershom Gorenberg has an article in Canada's The National Post.

Chronicle of a quagmire

For years, the existence of Israel's West Bank settlements has complicated peacemaking efforts. Gershom Gorenberg explains how they got there

It ends:-

Today, a quarter million Israelis live in the West Bank (and 180,000 more in annexed East Jerusalem). This spring's election gave a clear majority to parties that seek to pull out of much of the territory (though popular opinion has swung against a unilateral pullout since the summer's war with Hezbollah).

The stern warnings ignored in 1967 now seem obvious -- to remain Jewish and democratic, Israel must accept division of the land. The convoy to Kfar Etzion was the start of a march of folly. The settlements will make it far harder to withdraw. Yet another lesson of 1967 is that the hard decisions must not be evaded.

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