Monday, June 04, 2012

My Two Minutes on Iranian TV

I am included in an Iranian TV Press story on the Israel law prohibiting unification of families whereby one of the couples is a resident of the Palestinian Authority (see here).

The second part appeared but I was uninformed and found it by my own efforts.  It's here and the Shiloh section begins around 14:40 and I appear some 45 seconds later:

I got maybe two minutes out of more than 40 minutes and many other interviewees.

Par (no pun) for Iranian TV I guess.


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EditorJP said...

Good answer; listening to iranian press whine that the damn "Joos" won't let more jihadis move into Israel is LUDICROUS.

PressTV should not even be allowed into Israel or any other country until the mullahcracy is overthrown & Amadinajad hung.

Hope she was followed the whole time she was in Israel.

PS - When a fakistinian living in Israel wants to marry a girl from Jenin, Israel should give him a big wedding present including a free one-way move to the islamic "nation" of his choice.