Thursday, June 28, 2012

Joshua Muravchik in Jerusalem


That is Professor Joshua Muravchik who delivered a talk on Neoconservatism at the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem today. I introduced him and quoted from his "Neoconservatives and the Arab Spring" from September 2011where he wrote:

...Perhaps the most important of the region’s hopeful signs is the rebellion in Syria...If these brave people persevere and drive the Assad dynasty from power, that itself would go far toward making the Arab Spring a net benefi t for the region and the world...Beyond Syria, there is reason to believe the outcome of the Arab Spring will be positive...But it seems unlikely that the Egyptians, aroused as they are and having lived through the Nasser experience, would succumb to a new despotism. The most likely force to impose it, the Muslim Brotherhood, has been having trouble keeping its own members in line, much less the rest of the country...

Needless to say, his talk was interesting and stimulating.


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