Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daily Beast Boycotts Beinart?

As we all know, since March, Peter Beinart, liberal progressive humanist Jew extraordinaire, has had his combative ideological warfare blog, Open Zion, hosted at The Daily Beast.  The blog's purpose is

to foster an open, unafraid conversation about Israel, Palestine, and the Jewish Future

and it

expresses [a] commitment to debate and our embrace of a Zionism that's both nuanced and heartfelt.


Now, you would expect that Open Zion be easily located, not to mention being highlighted, even if not prominently.

This morning, I decided to look for something there and lo and behold!, this left-of-center and liberal publication has buried the Jews, or at least Zionism.

Has Beinart been boycotted?

Well, not Beinart.  Him you can find easily.  It's the Open Zion blog I can't seem easily to find on the Daily Beast home page.  It is not highlighted.  It is not prominent. Even at the bottom where all the sections are laid out.  Nada.

So, what does Tina Brown and Newsweek think about Beinart and Zionism?


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Alan said...

the world runs on money and... well, let's call it companionship, since this is a family blog (in the Navy we use a more colorful term). Not "progressive ideology". "Progressive ideology" is always a screen for someone to get a salary. I guess they think it's more hip than actually help weld offshore gas platforms or actually unclogging toilets. Notwithstanding that good welders make a LOT of money.

That being the case, Beinert may have been asked to START PAYING for the bandwidth Open Zion consumes.

And his committment to the ideals of Open Zion are equal to his willingness to show up for miluim.

Arguing with left-wing American Jews is a sub-optimal allocation of your time. And you're not a kid anymore, so stop wasting time. You'd do more for Eretz Israel by making it easier for young IDF veterans to not feel like they need to emigrate to California to find a place where nutjobs in fur hats are NOT in control of the marriage laws.