Thursday, June 07, 2012

This Is Subversion

From UK Yachad:-

Is dividing Jerusalem as controversial as people think it sounds? Are the military courts in the West Bank the correct way to administer justice for the 2.5 million Palestinians that live under Israeli occupation? 

Please join us over the next few weeks  to meet with experts and start a conversation within UK Jewry about these issues which are at the heart of the ongoing conflict. 

The Law in these Parts - Join us for the UK premiere of this award winning documentary film about the military courts in Israel. The film is the winner of the best documentary at the Sundance Film Festival 2012 and best documentary at the Jerusalem Film Festival 2011. The screening will be followed with a Q&A with the director Ra'anan Alexandrowicz.

Sunday 10th June, 7.30pm, The Jewish Museum, London  
Thursday 14th June, 8pm,  Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Community Centre, Leeds

Jerusalem - United or Divided? What are the options for Jerusalem's future  - an exploration of both the human and political angle. Join us for an evening with Nadav Greenberg and Danny Seidemann, two Jerusalem experts, to discuss what lies in store for the city's future. 

Sunday 17th June, 8pm, Finchley Reform Synagogue 
Monday 18th June, 8pm, Hampstead Synagogue 
Tuesday 19th June, 8pm, London Jewish Cultural Synagogue 
Wednesday 20th June - an opportunity to host a private event in your home or community with Nadav Greenberg. Please email us if you are interested. 

For further information about all these events or to book please click here.

Come and join the conversation, 
Hannah Weisfeld 

There is a law, by the way, which declares Jerusalem united:

Basic Law: Jerusalem, Capital of Israel

 1. Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel.

Liberals, progressives and humanists honor and respect the law, no?


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