Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hasbara, Then and Now

I attended the YESHA Council Media & Hasbara Conference Monday.

For the historical record, here is what I brought and presented to the ends of the YESHA Council back in 1983 at a meeting Anglo activists initiated with the Council heads at the time.  I am certain, as much as my memory serves me, that Amiel Unger and Marc Zell were also present.  I have repeated this presentation several times and, after 29 years, progress is being achieved.

The document:-


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Anonymous said...

The question is, Mr. Medad, your important and comprehensive work notwithstanding, has any true progress been achieved?
So far, it would appear, the global consensus, as a whole, gravitates toward casting the state of Israel entire, and more of the traditionally quiescent and well-meaning individuals fall for the gruesome anti-Israel snares.
While we all welcome the support offered by various Evangelical zealots, where do we go henceforth?