Saturday, June 30, 2012

Raped, Will She Now Rape Us?

Natasha Smith, a student journalist, underwent an horrible experience recently in Tahrir Square.

Despite what happened to other Western and female journalists, she went there and was raped.  Her account is here.

The lesson she learned?


I understand that I was naive and, arguably, stupid to have been near Tahrir Square. I take full responsibility for poor judgement in this respect. However I did not simply march into Tahrir Square with a camera held up high; I was so captivated by the atmosphere on the bridge that I just kept walking, and tried to turn around as soon as I released how close to Tahrir Square I actually was. Again, my lack of spatial awareness was my own mistake, as I was not familiar with the area. I had felt so safe on the bridge surrounded by women and children, and I wish I had turned around as my friends and I had originally planned, before we became caught up in the wonderful, celebratory atmosphere. I understand why many people feel I am foolish to plan to return to Egypt. But I will take a long time to prepare for my next visit, will set up a wide support network to ensure my safety, and will never take the kind of risks I did last Sunday again. Moreover, I feel a sense of duty to bring something good out of all this,

Can you trust this journalist's work?  Is she smart enough, is her perceptions introspective enough to give us the truth or is she "captivated", caught up and that her misinterpretations will cause us to have our minds raped by her documentary?


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