Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Islamic Putdown of Putin

I have found a response to Russian President Putin's pro-Temple statement.

It's here:-

The lawyer Zahi Nujeidat, the official spokesman for the Islamist movement in the Palestinian territories, said:

"This is a cheap and unctuous position about the Israeli establishment, by the Russian bear, who spills the blood of our people in the Levant, and I believe there is great harmony between the two positions [between Zionism and Putin - YM].":

The "Al-Aqsa Foundation" responds to what was stated by saying:
"We say to Putin and his ilk, that the Wailing Wall is pure Islamic, a part and parcel of the Al Aqsa Mosque, nor do non-Muslims have a right to the Wall or in the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, and all the historical facts and international documents confirm it as the Islamic Al-Buraq Wall, including the British Shaw Commission..."


Is this appropriate?


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