Friday, June 29, 2012

The Press Hasn't Heard

I left this comment

The leaders of the movement to assure Jewish residency rights in the areas of the Jewish national home not (yet) under full Israel sovereignty of Judea and Samaria, those in the Yesha Council and all the chairpersons of the regional, municipal and local councils, have always condemned the "price tag policy" violence.  Perhaps not enough, and perhaps the foreign media has not been paying attention.  My blog contains many such statements over the past few years.  The acts are wrong, criminal, immoral and quite unhelpful.  Remarkably, though, although many arrests have been made, no one from our community has been tried or even sentenced.  One would hope that the police are not too lax so as to have articles like this be written.

Compare that behavior to that of the Palestinian Authority in responding to terror attacks against Jewish civilians - Saeb Erekat when not creating fiction about a massacre in Jenin - who always seem to "balance" their remarks.  And all the while, incitement to kill and firing rockets at schools is the Arab norm.

at this story by Dan Ephron of Newsweek.


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