Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tom Friedman's Lunacy

Tom Friedman's otherwise wonderful op-ed, "A Boycott Built on Bias", from the June 17 NYTimes, had this snippet:-

Have no doubt, I have long opposed Israel's post-1967 settlements. They have squandered billions and degraded the Israeli Army by making it an army of occupation to protect the settlers and their roads. And that web of settlements and roads has carved up the West Bank in an ugly and brutal manner — much uglier than Israel's friends abroad ever admit. Indeed, their silence, particularly American Jewish leaders, enabled the settlement lunacy.

Tom, ever since 1948 and indeed previously, Israel's defense forces have spent most of their time, energy and money on protecting the agricultural communities of all political stripe, even that of the Communist party near Hadera, Yad Chana. This is not squander and I don't think your figures are correct.

But, of course, since I believe that no one has a better right and a reason to be the sovereign power in the areas of Judea and Samaria (and Gaza) than Israel and its Jews, no money has been wasted. No an agora.

And not all American Jewish leaders have been silent. Many have openly supported and encouraged and financed the project of settling the Land of Israel. And I thank them.

Too bad I can't thank Tom.

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