Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And I'm in a Gossip, Sorry, Society Column

Greer Fay Cashman reports on Mikey Leibowitz's Bar Mitzvah:-

NONE OF the guests was surprised when Mikey Leibowitz, son of Steve and the late Drora Leibowitz, chose to celebrate his bar mitzva at Jerusalem's Kraft Stadium, where members of the Leibowitz family spend so much of their time playing, promoting and watching American football.

Guests who missed out on being present when Mikey was called to the Torah were treated to a two-minute documentary prepared by Steve Leibowitz's IBA News colleague, Dennis Zinn, and to a seven-minute documentary on Mikey's life prepared by Leah Stern, one of the presenters on IBA News, whose true calling is making films.
Some of the other broadcasting people present included Shlomo Ganor, and IBA News broadcasters Sheila Zucker, Leah Zinder, Yochanan Elrom, and Elli Wohlgelernter.

Among the other guests were Bobby and Linda Brown, and Israel and Beth Medad, who kicked up a storm during the dancing to sixties rock music - which was far from easy on the artificial turf.

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