Sunday, June 24, 2007

Does "Security" Include Intelligence Gathering?

I found a story (here) which contains a major error.

It reads:

WASHINGTON, June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Athlone Global Security Inc., a unique investment group that invests in Israeli homeland security companies helping
them establish new markets for their products in the U.S . and Europe, announced today that Israel has named its founder and co-chairman -- Major-General Doron Almog (Res.) -- a "Knight of Quality Government 2007." The title, bestowed on General Almog in the military and security category, is one of Israel's highest honours.

The Israeli government bestowed the prestigious award to Major General
"in recognition and gratitude for his unique contribution, both in his military service and his civil life, to the defense of the weak and the hopeless and to the strength of Israel's quality of government and society" saying he "demonstrated courage, decisiveness and integrity and did not evade tough personal conclusions towards those responsible. He courageously stated his opinions in total honesty, and Israel has graciously valued the General's view." This award is also in acknowledgement of the General's great success in preventing terrorists infiltrating Israel from Gaza during his command.

But the title Knight is bestowed by the Movement for Quality Government.

See their site.


gilan said...

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YMedad said...

a) your contact link at your site doesn't work so I can't e mail you.

b) my aliyah was 37 years ago, 'fraid most of my stories are irrelevant except as humor.