Friday, June 15, 2007

They Were Plundering & Raping Then


In 1858.

Before Zionism.


a group of German Christians, in conjunction with American Christians, established "Mount Hope," a farming colony outside Jaffa, in the 1850s. Among the group's members were the brothers Friedrich and John Steinbeck (the latter being the grandfather of the Nobel laureate John Steinbeck). The brothers married the daughters of Walter Dickson, an American member of the group.

In January 1858, the colony was attacked by Bedouin and plundered. Friedrich Steinbeck was murdered and his wife and sister-in-law were raped. All the American settlers, including the "German" John Steinbeck, left and returned to the United States.

The incident stirred a great furor in the American press as well as in the State Department and the Senate. At the request of the Senate, President Buchanan submitted a detailed report of the actions taken by the American consuls in "the Levant" to ensure that those who perpetrated the horrific acts would be punished and that such deeds would never recur.

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