Sunday, June 10, 2007

Helping Out the Enemy

Ah, Danny, how far you've gone:-

On June 4, 2007, the American Task Force on Palestine, Americans for Peace Now, and the Foundation for Middle East Peace held a joint congressional briefing entitled "Jerusalem on the 40th Anniversary of the Six Day War: Challenges to the Viability of a Two State Solution."

The event, featuring Danny Seidemann and Dan Rothem, focused on the problems facing the city of Jerusalem as well as the repercussions of these problems on a two state solution...

...Seidemann observed that “the conflict is being reduced to its volcanic core, the old city and its environs.” This point formed the center of his argument. Seidemann believes that if there “was an element that was mismanaged this was it.” He stated that Jerusalem itself has the capability to touch off conflict if mishandled and that recent history abounds with examples to support this claim. He addressed what he sees as a threat to the stability of Jerusalem. The Israeli Antiquities Authority, which receives more than 50% of its income from extreme religious settlers, harbors clear political goals, including displacement of Palestinians, messianic aspirations on the Temple Mount, and the sabotaging of any political process. He pointed out such plans as the opening of tunnels beneath, and relocation of ramps to the Temple Mount as possibly destabilizing to the peace process.

...During the question and answer period Seidemann stressed that he believed that “a political division does not mean a physical division,” an idea which differed from his counterpart Rothemen. When questioned on how to take the religious needs of the Muslims, Christians, and Jews into consideration in the dividing of the city he stated, “Israel will need to cede sovereignty over the Temple Mount as part of a package of assurances of unimpeded access and respect for religious sites.” He also expressed the belief that when a final agreement will be made there will be “no alternative than the extraction of settlers.” In closing Seidemann may have made the most powerful statement of the presentation, stating that as both a Zionist and a Jew “my achievement can only be given to me by a Palestinian… only we can give the Palestinians what they want.”


Anonymous said...

This is terrifying to me. Thanks for the post. It's okay for those of us in chutz to be terrified.

YMedad said...

Why be terrirfied? Support groups like AFSI that could bring over a counter-speaker to talk to Congress.