Thursday, June 21, 2007

How UNESCO Money Was (Is?) Distributed

Sometimes, one "falls" on information.

I am researching for a paper on the Temple Mount.

Well, I came across this document entitled:

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
145 EX/17
5 October 1994

and I read this:-


Negotiations are still under way with the Waqf authorities concerning the use of the $150,000 subvention pledged by the Director-General during his visit in 1993. This subvention is intended for an initial phase of restoration of the complex comprising the Suq al-Qattanin (Cotton Market), the most monumental of the approaches to Al-Hardm ash-Sharif, and the two Mamluk hammams (Hammam ash-Shifa' and Hammam al-'Ain). A technical file has been prepared by the architect--engineer of Al-Hardm ash-Sharif, which should make it possible to begin work soon.

7.2 Manuscripts of the Al-Aqsa Mosque

The Al-Aqsa Mosque has a library of highly valuable manuscripts. The curator has compiled an annotated catalogue with illustrations, which will shortly be published with the help of a subvention of $15.000 from UNESCO.

The state of conservation of a number of these manuscripts, including some of the oldest (eighth and ninth centuries) or the most ornate, is giving cause for concern. They should receive urgent attention. However, the appropriate equipment and expertise is not available locally. These volumes should be entrusted to one of the major European institutions specializing in the restoration of old manuscripts and books. Financial assistance from UNESCO is needed for this purpose.

7.3 The restoration of the Turbat Barakat Khan Mausoleum, which contains the celebrated library of the Khalidi family, has been completed, and the installation of the facilities for conservation and consultation of the numerous manuscripts of outstanding value is nearly finished. This work has been carried out in part with the help of a subvention of $60,000 from UNESCO, of which $45,000 has been disbursed. The restoration of the manuscripts and books is being carried out in scientific and technical collaboration with Mr F. Conrad, of the University of London, who has also been asked to compile an annotated catalogue of the 1,200 manuscripts with the financial assistance of the Government of the Netherlands, the Saudi Furgan Foundation and the Khalidi family.

I wonder, how much money has UNESCO expended on the Jewish aspects of Jerusalem?

Maybe a Temple Mount group can achieve funding?


Suzanne Pomeranz said...

I'd like to know how the $150,000 was used to "restore" Suq al-Qattanin - since I'm there quite often ,and it looks pretty awful.


YMedad said...

Maybe Olmert or Hirshcson know