Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Zionism, American-style

From the October 1852 issue of The Occident

But, after all, it would be much better if a proper system of agriculture could be introduced into our ancient heritage, by which means those who now lack bread might be enabled to obtain it for themselves from the bosom of the earth, which is still as fertile in many places as in olden days. We shall, therefore, be rejoiced to learn of the success of the proposed movement of Mr. Warder Cresson (Michael Boaz Israel), who is himself a thorough farmer, and is about returning to Palestine to open, if possible, an extensive farm outside of Jerusalem in the Valley of Rephaim. To succeed in this worthy attempt, to settle the country anew with a hardy, brave, and independent population, to chase away the prowling Arabs, who render everything insecure wherever they show their horrid visage, would at once strike off the shackles of poverty which now weigh down the spirit of our brothers. How glad we shall be to record in future numbers of our work the triumph of this redoubt­able convert, and we wish him and his labours in the outset a hearty “God speed".

The Occident and American Jewish Advocate (1843-1869), was the first general Jewish periodical published in the United States. 


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