Monday, August 01, 2016

Talking About Duma (Dedicated to Lara from Peace Now)

I am quoted in the Jerusalem Post in a story by Eliyahu Kamisher so:

According to Yisrael Medad, a longtime resident of Shiloh, located around six kilometers from Duma, “no one talks about Duma – we are just looking ahead.”

That's it.  That's all.

I spoke to him for at least twenty minutes.  Oh well.

Peace Now's Lara Friedman, based on that, wrote:
Just a year post-triple murder, tells JPost: "no one talks about Duma – we are just looking ahead”

Actually, what was quoted was a very small part of our telephone conversation (and Lara, being so sophisticated and knowledgeable could have surmised that).

I spoke to him and told him of our opposition to the violence that has been perpetartedand that the very first people who complained about the so-called "price-tag" policy years ago were members of the Yesha Council including Dani Dayan and myself. We pleaded with law enforcement agencies to rid us of this stain. I told him how we in Shiloh caught a Mevasseret Tzion kid breaking windows of parked Arab cars at Shiloh and complained to the police.

I actually told him that we do discuss Duma and the fact that the trial is dragging on and despite Moshe Yaalon's statement that he knows who did the bombing, the lack of a clear verdict, unfortunately, assists those who believe in conspiracy theories. I also pointed out that the previous week another firebomb was thrown there causing people to ask if either a Jewish terror group is still active or perhaps there is some truth to the claim that it isn't clear what is happening, and had happened earlier, regarding perhaps internal feuding there.

We do "talk about Duma" but we don't let it interfere with our goal of leading our lives as normally as possible, not allowing people like Lara to sabotage Zionist achievement or others to besmirch our enterprise by the acts of the few, if they are indeed guilty (and I hope the court clears that up soon).



Lara has now tweeted:

@ymedad corrects the record: a year later he DOES talk about Duma murders. Read for yourself.


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