Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Louisville, Kentucky 1870

In preparing a research project on Diaspora/Eretz-Yisrael inter-relations, primarily financial support of charity donations, I found this reference in the Havatzelet journal from January 6, 1871:

Aaron Yehuda Yehuda Leib Ish-Horowitz relates in the third paragraph, as Avraham Yaari records in his two-volume study of emissaries from Eretz-Yisrael to Diaspora lands, Shlomo Attias left for America to collect funds but, after leaving New York, while sleeping in a hotel in Louisville, Kentucky in April 1870, a fire broke out and he was killed in the flames.  Rabbi Kleveberg (?) collected money for the his orphans, $48, worth about $1750 at the time, as the mother had also passed away in Jerusalem shortly after her husband died due to malnutrition.

I wonder: is his grave still extant?

In a follow-up report from March 31, 1871, members of the local Jewish community on the Lower East Side with a Rabbi went to Attias' lodgings on Allen Street and, upon opening his trunk, found $446 (worth almost $8000 then).


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