Friday, August 19, 2016

Chronologically Mixed Up?

When I lead tours to archaeological sites, I admit that my chronology can get mixed up a bit.

You know, Iron Age, Bronze Age, and then all this:

Early Bronze Age I           (3300 BCE – 3000 BCE)
Early Bronze Age II
Early Bronze Age III
Early Bronze Age IV
Middle Bronze Age
Middle Bronze Age I
Middle Bronze Age II
Middle Bronze Age III
Late Bronze Age I
Late Bronze Age II A
Late Bronze Age II B
Iron Age I A
Iron Age I B
Iron Age II
Babylonian and Persian periods
Hellenistic period
Early Hellenistic
Late Hellenistic
Roman period
Early Roman
Late Roman          (132 CE – 324 CE)

I looked at this and thought, that's a purposeful mix-up:

The mission that has 18 members of Saudi and French scientists and experts in archeological excavation has discovered at the Yamamah site in Kharj many architectural antiquities of a huge mosque that existed in the early Islamic era in between first and fifth centuries hegira. 

Hegira was in the year 622 CE.

So, the above dating is, what, 7th-12th centuries?

Let's keep things in proportion.


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