Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mr. Schocken Erred.

Ari Shavit attacked the Left today, writing

Israel's radical left committed suicide, and now the right will kill us all

Some noticed that the original Hebrew headline simply read

Israel's radical left committed suicide

And they tweeted it with noting

Hebrew editors wrote "the left is committing suicide". English editors added some flavour.

I forwarded that to Amos Schocken who wrote:

@ymedad @EylonALevy Nonsense. The English headline is an exact quote from Shavit. Don't be losers: read full texts as well.

So, I did.  

The last sentence in Shavit's piece reads:

The radical left, having committed suicide, is now helping the right to kill us all.

Sorry, Mr. Schocken but that is not quite what the headline was conveying when it appears so:

Israel's radical left committed suicide, and now the right will kill us all

The word "helping" is gone.

Is that signifcant?

Well, yes.

Shavit is not only blaming the Left for stupidity but more.  He writes that the Left:

is disconnected from reality. 

it refused to admit the failure of the Oslo Accords, et. al.

it refused to recognize the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip led to rockets on Ashkelon, Ashdod and Tel Aviv

the left is therefore viewed in Israel as delusional, as daydreamers.

the left is disconnected from reality 

the left is disconnected from Israeli pride. 

the radical left committed suicide when it abnegated itself before the Palestinians. 

And, then, his last charge of a guilt is assisting the Right, a double blunder, in his opinion. 

So, the headline does not reflect the full text and is not quite an exact quotation.

Mr. Schocken, I would maintain, erred.



Mr. Schocken has now tweeted:
Good, at least you follow my advice.
But not one to yield or admit to fallibility, he now tweets:

 Another headlines genius: now Y Medad as well.



Check this out.


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