Monday, March 14, 2016

That Dark Glass, Again

As I have posted in the past, it seems that Jordan, with perhaps Israel's connivance, is claiming that the cameras agreed upon last October to supervise the Temple Mount are to be an exclusively Jordanian project.

That means that Israel will have nothing to say in the manner they are affixed and when Jordan says they will not be inside the Al Aqsa mosque nor the Dome of the Rock or any of the other buildings therein and that the camera feed is controlled by them solely.

Well, let's review the statements:


"...Israel welcomes increased coordination between Israeli authorities and the Jordanian Waqf, including to ensure that visitors and worshipers demonstrate restraint and respect for the sanctity of the area in accordance with their respective responsibilities. In fact, they plan to meet soon to strengthen security arrangements on the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount. That is to say Israeli authorities and Jordanian Waqf and authorities will meet soon in order to strengthen that security relationship.

Now, I am also very pleased to announce today that Prime Minister Netanyahu has agreed to what I think is an excellent suggestion by King Abdullah to provide 24-hour video coverage of all sites on the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif. This will provide comprehensive visibility and transparency, and that could really be a game changer in discouraging anybody from disturbing the sanctity of this holy site. I expect Jordanian and Israeli technical teams will meet soon to discuss the implementation of this idea alongside other measures to maintain and enhance public order and calm.

US Secretary of State John Kerry, October 24, 2015



We welcome increased coordination between the Israeli authorities and the Jordanian Waqf, including to ensure that visitors and worshippers demonstrate restraint and respect for the sanctity of the area, and all this in accordance with the respective responsibilities of the Israelis authorities and the Jordanian Waqf. 
We support the call for the immediate restoration of calm, and for all the appropriate steps to be taken to ensure that violence ceases, that provocative actions are avoided, and that the situation returns to normalcy in a way that promotes the prospects for peace. 
 We look forward to working cooperatively to lower tensions, stop incitement and discourage violence."

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, October 24, 2015

Those words seem very much to indicate a joint/shared effort.

Will PM Netanyahu stand his ground --- or yield?

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