Thursday, March 03, 2016

Consulate-General Visitations

Continuing to review the overtly pro-"Palestinian State" orientation of the Consulate-General of the United States in Jerusalem, here are visits made by the senior Consulate staff and State Department officials to locations in Judea and Samaria between February 14 and today, March 3.

First, of the CG Donald Blome:


Bet Fajr

Palestine Heritage Museum

Tour of the Old City to learn about Jerusalem's Islamic cultural influence & history

and of
Deputy Principal Officer Dorothy Shea in Bethlehem

and also

Ambassador Samantha Power discussed key issues with Palestinian civil society leaders from Gaza, West Bank, and East Jerusalem at the Consulate.

Would they visit a Jewish community?



This Ongoing War said...

Is "Would they visit a Jewish community?" rhetorical? Or are they sometimes invited? They ought to be.

YMedad said...

Rest assured that they are invited (and they read my blogs) and lower-level officials do visit for discussions but not for an Olive Harvesting Festival, for example, or the opening of a library, etc.