Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Same Poll; Two Headlines


Poll: More Israeli Jews believe continued building of West Bank settlements helpful to Israel's security

Published: 3/8/16

TEL AVIV, Israel — More Israeli Jews believe that continued building of West Bank settlements helps Israel's security than those who consider them harmful, according to a wide-ranging survey published on Tuesday.

The Pew Research Center found that 42 percent of Israeli Jews it polled consider settlements to be helpful, while 30 percent said they believe them to be harmful. Most of the world considers Israeli settlements built of war-won land to be illegal, illegitimate and an obstacle to peace.


Most Israeli Jews reject claim settlements boost security: pollMarch 8, 2016

TEL AVIV // Most Israelis are unconvinced by right-wing claims that expansion of West Bank settlements bolsters the Jewish state’s security, according to a survey by a US institute published on Tuesday.

The Washington-based Pew research centre said its research showed 30 per cent of Jewish Israeli respondents to its latest study believe “the settlements hurt Israel’s security".

At the same time, “a quarter of Israeli Jews [25 per cent] say the settlements do not make a difference one way or another with respect to Israel’s security".

But it said a large minority of 42 per cent fully back the claim.

Go figure it out.

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