Sunday, March 13, 2016

Rawabi Distances

First, I read this:

One Palestinian real estate adviser says the distance from Ramallah and the threat of being caught at Israeli checkpoints are deterring potential buyers. “I hear from people that [sales] are not going well,” says Hamza Akel.

Then, I read this:

"...This land is ours and we believe that we have the right to build anywhere we want," said Mr Shahwan, acknowledging that he was choosing to live near Israeli settlers, most closely in the neighbouring settlement of Ateret.

So, is Rawabi, a "Palestinian setttlement",

close or far from the Jews?

Nowadays, because of the traffic foul-ups, due to Arabs preferring to drive the Adam-Hizma road instead of using Qalandia, it takes me about 75 minutes to get to the Ammunition Hill train/bus stop.

And they are complaining?

P.S.  "Melting pot" usually means people from various national origins:
Bashar Masri...“I grew up in Nablus, my parents grew up in Nablus, and my grandparents grew up in Nablus. And in the same darn neighborhood. Now we are moving out of this. Wherever you have a melting pot, usually you have a better community,” he says. 


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