Saturday, July 18, 2015

Was US Consulate Staffer Jewish?

A while ago, I blogged about the death by gunfire of the American Consul in Jerusalem in May 1948, Thomas Wasson.

I have now come across this testimony in real time penned by Rev. Hugh Jones of Christ Church in Jerusalem as his official "Diary of Events" :-

MAY 22nd...The American Consul, a member of the Truce Commission, was severely wounded after leaving the French Consulate where he had held a meeting with other members of the Truce Commission. He was taken, together with another member of the Consulate who was also severely wounded, to our Hospital, which is now being staffed and run by the Hadassah.

MAY 23rd The American Consul and his companion both died of their wounds and were buried in a convent next door to the Consulate on Monday by Ronald Adeney. It was not possible for the American Chaplain, Dr. Klein, to get from the Cathedral into the Jewish area to perform the ceremony

The interesting element is why was it necessary for a Jewish chaplain to be present?

Was the second person who died, Herbert Walker, Jewish?  Here is an AP report in a Pittsburgh newspaper:

A third American member of the Consulate staff, Thomas Gannon, a 'veteran guard', was injured that week as well when shot on the night of May 14/15th.

Was Klein perhaps the sole chaplain, who served all the staff regardless of religion?

To be continued...


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