Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kerry Channels the Highly-Charged "Powerful"

Here is an excerpt from the interview of Secretary of State John Kerry with Setareh Derakhshesh of VOA Persian on July 20, 2015 in Washington with a certain phrase highlighted:

QUESTION: They [bipartisan skeptics from Congress] seem to remain unconvinced. What is your battle plan, sir, and are you going to bring anything new – any new arguments – so you can defend the deal?

SECRETARY KERRY: Well, I’m going to tell the truth about the deal. There are many people who frankly – some of them had opposed it before they even read it. I mean, many of them admitted they hadn’t read the deal when they started opposing it. Some people just oppose the idea of doing a deal with Iran. But I think when people really look at what is gained here, when they see that this is a possibility of actually doing away with a potential of a nuclear weapon, and that perhaps opening up the possibilities of other good things happening, of a new relationship, I think people will see the benefit of it.

Obviously, there is a very powerful group of voices who are opposed to it, who spend a lot of money in opposition to it, and that’s been heard. But I believe – I’m glad we have the 60 days. I think it will give time for people to really reflect and see that if you don’t let this agreement go forward, you could be choosing conflict and war. That could be the alternative. Because if we don’t have this agreement, then I believe the Ayatollah would say, “Why should I negotiate with these guys? They haven’t delivered. They don’t do it.” Why would our colleagues in the world support the sanctions when they say the sanctions were supposed to be to get an agreement, but they got one and now they’ve walked away? So the whole thing comes apart, with great danger to the region.

J Street is spending money and presents itself as powerful, or influential, as it has great White House access.  So, it applies for both sides.  Or should.

Why should "powerful" resonate so negatively in my mind (does it your yours?)?

This: AIPAC: powerful US lobby on pro-Israel mission?

This: Inside The Jewish Lobby—The Most Powerful Racist Organization in the U.S.?

Mr. Kerry used a loaded term, one that is highly-charged.

I hope it was unintentional.


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