Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Spilled Milk

I've now read this

Milk firm may be flouting EU rules on trade with Israel’s settlements
Adri Nieuwhof Rights and Accountability 28 July 2015

An Israeli milk company may be sidestepping EU restrictions on dairy imports from Jewish-only settlements in the occupied West Bank.

New research demonstrates that Tnuva, a leading Israeli food firm, is processing milk from settlements that violate international law.

Who Profits?, a group monitoring the occupation, has filmed trucks collecting milk from the West Bank and bringing it to a Tnuva factory in Rehovot, a city inside present-day Israel...Who Profits? filmed Tnuva’s trucks bringing milks from three settlements in the West Bank to Rehovot earlier this month. Similar videos were filmed in September and October last year — a few months before the EU’s rules came into effect.

The evidence indicates that Tnuva is continuing to behave in an illegal manner, despite the EU’s rules.  Under the 1907 Hague regulations — a cornerstone of international humanitarian law — it is forbidden for an occupying power to exploit the land and resources of the territory it occupies for commercial purposes.

Who Profits? has listed four Israeli settlements in the West Bank that are known to provide raw materials to Tnuva. The settlements are named Carmel Maon, Beit Yatir, Migdal Oz and Rosh Tzurim.

But Migdal Oz and Rosh Tzurim were established prior to 1948 so they cannot be post-1967 occupied and in fact, point to Arab crime of ethnic cleansing.


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