Thursday, July 02, 2015

70 Square Meters Driving the Pals. Crazy

The news:

RAMALLAH, July 1, 2015 (WAFA) – The so-called Israeli central command officer has ordered the confiscation of 70 square meters of private Palestinian lands near the illegal outpost of ‘Migron’ near Ramallah, Peace Now reported on Wednesday.

Seventy square meters equals 753.474 square feet.

To get a sense of proportion, I googled and found this:

1 bed apartment rentals in NYC average about 750 square feet and cost 2700 per month. Most of the listings for one bedrooms are in Manhattan, where prices hover in the $3000 per month range. If you are looking to pay less per month for one bedroom apartments NYC look to Brooklyn ($2000), the Bronx ($1250), Queens ($1350) or Statan Island ($900).

I am not going to try to ascertain how much that 7 sq. m. plot at Migron goes for.

And that plot?

It's an antenna.


As part of the request of the cellular companies from the court to avoid the eviction of their antennas from the Palestinian lands in Migron, the Commander of the Central Command has issued a seizure order for one of the antennas for security purposes...On the 29th of June, the State informed the court that one of the antennas is being used also by the IDF, and is considered necessary for security needs, and therefore, the Commander of the Central Command had issued a seizure order for 73 sq.m. on which the antenna of Hot Mobile company was built. The land is seized for 6 months till mid December. Meanwhile they hope that the company will move the antenna to an alternative place. The other antennas, of companies Cellcom, Partner and Pelephone, were not part of the seizure order.  

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