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Arlosoroff, Magda and Goebbels

In June 1933, Haim Arlosoroff was murdered on Tel Aviv's beach and Betarim and Revisionists were blamed.

Now this from David Irving, who read the diaries of Goebbels:

More and more episodes occurred to give him reasons to dislike Jews. After Horst Wessel, a young Nazi stormtrooper who composed the hymn that subsequently became the second national anthem of Nazi Germany, was murdered in early 1930 by a communist in Berlin, it was a Jew who gave refuge to the murderers when they fled. This kind of thing will have undoubtedly had an effect of Goebbels. He would have chalked it up on his list of grudges.
Even worse, after he began going out with Magda Quandt (whose stepfather, Friedl√§nder, he knew had been Jewish), it happened that for days at a time she didn’t come to see him. After a while, she doesn’t answer the phone or keep dates, and eventually Goebbels finds out he has a rival: a Jew named Victor Arlosoroff, who is also enraged to find out that she’s two-timing him with the Nazi Gauleiter of Berlin. Arlosoroff is so enraged, in fact, that during one meeting he pulls out a revolver, and in a jealous, dramatic scene, fires at her, deliberately missing. The bullet buries itself in the wall near her. She gets him out of her life, although he keeps returning and pleading to be taken back.
This man is none other than Victor Chaim Arlosoroff, who subsequently became an important Zionist figure. After Hitler came to power, he was the Zionist representative in the negotiations with the new Nazi government that resulted in the Haavara (“Transfer”) agreement, whereby German Jews could emigrate to Palestine with their property. In June 1933 Arlosoroff was murdered in Tel Aviv, Palestine, by members of the Jabotinsky faction of the Zionist movement. The fact that the love of his life was two-timing him with an ardent Zionist may also have contributed to Goebbels’ growing dislike of Jews.

From here:

In addition to the theories that people connected to the revisionist movement are the perpetrators of murder and that it was an intended sexual attack by two Arabs there are theories connecting it to the Soviet and Nazi regimes. One involves the Nazi leader Joseph Goebbels: During the first world war, Magda Behrend, who later became the wife of Joseph Goebbels, met and became close friends with Lisa Arlosoroff, Haim Arlosoroff's sister. The nature of her relationship with Haim Arlosoroff is unknown. Magda married Goebbels on 19 December 1931, with Adolf Hitler as a witness. A year and a half later, Arlosoroff went to Germany to negotiate the Ha'avarah (transfer) agreement with high Nazi officials. The theory is that with Haim Arlosoroff's personal involvement in the negotiations, Goebbels took notice of his wife's former Jewish friend and sought to erase what might have been an embarrassment for the Goebbelses. Magda's former Jewish stepfather, Richard Friedl√§nder, was arrested on Goebbels orders and died in the concentration camp in 1938.

 Incidentally, I located this: 1920, Magda had broken off all contact with Victor Arlosoroff (except for one phone call in 1933), and Arlosoroff had married and was living in Palestine by 1924. Mr. Arlosoroff was head of foreign affairs in the Jewish Agency and a leading figure in the formation of a Jewish Homeland in Palestine in 1930 and was in no way linked with Fri. Goebbels (then Fr. Quandt). She was involved with a young student, Erich, before and after her divorce from Herr Quandt, and it was this young man with whom she quarreled and who shot at her after hearing that she was in love with Joseph Goebbels...Please correct your book review. I am sure that Herr Meissner would be displeased to have been misquoted.Jeanne Moses Roland

As for the Nazi theory:

Thus we can see that there is no reason; let alone any actual evidence, to suppose that the Third Reich was in any way involved in the murder of Victor “Chaim” Arlosoroff.


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