Thursday, July 30, 2015

Let's Call This A "Temple Mount Gee"

Aw, gee, another Temple Mount example of idiocy.

From here:

Margalit asserted that Muslims at the holy site do not object to Jewish visitors, but rather to right-wing Jews, “who come up with a political agenda.

“When I was there, I was treated respectfully,” the Jewish councilman said of his numerous visits at the invitation of the Wakf Islamic religious trust, which oversees the compound for the Jordanian government. “They gave me coffee and sweets.”

Yes, they do object to Jewish visitors who seek to identify as Jews rather than identity-less Jews.

Yes, of course Margalit was treated respectfully as he came with his own anti-Temple Mount political agenda.

Yes, there are Jews who are not "right-wing" (Margalit is left-wing) who do have a Jewish interest in the site's history, archaeology, cultural and religious past (and present and perhaps, future).  And they, too, if they display an overt interest in what is there will not be tolerated.

Yes, Christians who display biblical interest as well as New Testament interest will not be tolerated.

I could go on but I presume you grasp the idiocy of Margalit's approach.


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