Monday, June 29, 2009

Two Out Of Three

The guilty finger-pointing:

Gazans are blocked in attempting to recover from Israel's Operation Cast Lead six months ago, the International Committee of the Red Cross said Monday.

The Red Cross said Israel's control of border crossings was restricting imports to Gaza of reconstruction, medical and other supplies.


It also said that the Fatah-Hamas rift, resulting in two Palestinian leaderships, had curbed essential water and sewer services.

And in the meantime:

IDF troops shot at an unspecified number of Palestinian gunmen who were apparently planting a bomb south of Gaza's Karni border crossing on Monday afternoon, the army said. The gunmen fled the scene. There were no casualties among the soldiers.

A mortar shell had earlier been fired at an IDF patrol in the area.

So, who is really interfering with Gaza's reconstruction process?

Two out of three: Arabs.


Anonymous said...

And the hypocrisy continues. It seems that this truth is too uncomfortable for the world's press.

Thanks for this blog.

Dman said...

Yeah...the red cross is conspiring with Hamas to make Israel look responsible...this is good fiction but nothing orwell would be proud of.