Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The "Ideological" President

Martin Kramer:

...as I've suggested already, his real problem with Iran's turmoil is that it's just so inconvenient to a Palestine-first approach.

Laura Rozen at her blog The Cable quoted an "Iran hand in touch with the administration" as saying that Obama "is dedicated to diplomacy in a manner that is almost ideological," that he's already decided what he wants to do in the Middle East "over the next eight years" (bit of presumption there), and that he doesn't want to be "distracted" from the "larger strategic objective" or "let himself get shaken by stuff like this"—"stuff" referring to the reality in the streets of Iran and the Middle East more generally.

If this spectacular hubris isn't a formula for failure in the Middle East, what is?

Just one fleeting, passing thought:

So why can't Bibi Netanyahu be ideological?

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