Monday, June 29, 2009

How About A Little Catholic Religious Intolerance Against Muslims

Catholic school bans Muslim girls from wearing face veils during official visit

Two pupils removed their veil to attend a Catholic school open day, but their Muslim teacher refused the request. The party were from an Islamic school in Great Harwood and were visiting St Mary's School in nearby Blackburn, Lancashire for its annual open day.

The town is the constituency of Justice Secretary Jack Straw who has previously been involved in rows over the wearing of the traditional Muslim veils by females.

The veil the 'niqab', which is worn with a headscarf or hijab, only allows slits for the wearer's eyes.

A spokesman for St Mary's said the request was made because the veils were against school policy.

The two pupils agreed to the removal but their teacher refused.

She was taken to an office at St Mary's and told she would not be allowed on the premises.

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