Monday, June 22, 2009

Too Convoluted

In the NYTimes online, Ari Shavit tries to explain ideological, political, security bankruptacy:

...Peace is a two-way street, says Netanyahu. It is a joint-venture. Israel contributes its share by recognizing the Other, but the Other must also recognize Israel’s national identity and legitimacy.

...Netanyahu challenges not only Palestinians but also the Americans and Europeans. He demands that the international community issue a solid guarantee assuring that the future Palestine will indeed be demilitarized...Netanyahu has crossed his Rubicon. He has abandoned his old ideological home...He still believes the cause of the conflict is not occupation but the failure of most Arabs to recognize Jewish history and Jewish sovereignty.

But this harsh worldview...leads to the two core principles which are both realistic and moral: recognition of the Jewish state and demilitarization of the Palestinian state.

The two new Netanyahu principles unite the vast majority of Israelis. If the international community rejects them, it will encounter a rigid Netanyahu and a stubborn Israel. But if President Obama endorses the self-evident principles, he will see change. If Israel gets an international peace guarantee, peace will happen...

International guarantees?

How did Erekat say it? A one thousand-year wait?

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